Thursday, 15 March 2007

Perfect Companion or Corrupted Adaptation?

Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener; City of God) is directing the film adaptation of José Saramago’s novel Ensaio Sobre A Cegueira (Blindness). José Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998 and is one of Portugal’s best-known writers. For those who don’t know, Blindness is set in an unnamed city inexplicably plunged into an epidemic of blindness.
I don’t know what to make of this. Should I be happy to see one of my favourite books being adapted by a director that, until now, hasn’t made a bad film? Or should I be offended that such a masterpiece should be subjected to a vulgar dissection by the Hollywood money-grabbing machine?
Daniel Graig and Julianne Moore are confirmed to star as the main characters’ and I confess this casting decision already confuses me. 007 as a blind Ophthalmologist? Maybe Julianne Moore will be able to bring a much needed human sensibility to the story…
Let’s just hope this won’t be another catastrophe like Saramago’s last film adaptation ‘A Jangada De Pedra’ (The Stone Raft). This adaptation again demonstrates how a brilliant book can be completely butchered by the talentless idiots who called themselves filmmakers.
It would be a great pleasure to make Blindness enter my ‘Perfect Companion’ section (and a great honour to both Saramago & Meirelles I'm sure). I guess we’ll have to wait till next year to find out. Meanwhile I suggest a reading or re-reading of one of the most brilliant written books of the 20th Century.

P.S.- The English Edition cover didn't appeal to me so I left it out.There...

Saturday, 10 March 2007


The garage door has a remote control
just in case they’ll have to leave in a haste,
just in case cold washing delicate fabrics,
petit fours, hot cross buns and Christmas decorations
are one day not enough.

And at night she lies awake, staring gimlet-eyed.
Imagines each grain of the dark brown wood.
Memorises for the morning: There is an inlet, innate
But in the morning tells him: By the way,
this year around, I wish for another fur coat, Darling.

Some nights, standing up she pulls the shawl harder
around her shoulders, empties a bucket,
rinses a tunnel, notices an unheard of archipelago.
She blinks and it’s the same old garden.

There are so many gardens to leave
the holy-water-sprinkler in and earth
closets to empty all over.
Candle and torch
sweep across crunchy clear-cut Area Code
taken for being sand dunes.

A pile of chips clatters, sways like she
used to do when she walked on stilts and Maybe
with a foam-machine I can cover all this Debris
she thinks as she hides behind the jalousie
like a Chinese theatre piece. Then kills also this
uninvited guest. Dumps it in the garden with the rest
of thoughts in yet another wolf cub’s hour.

Grande finale du concour de short en Inde 2007

le participant de gauche se demande encore comment il a bien pu perdre....
(photo by da Xaaaf)

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Music For A Never Ending War

Choubi Choubi!
Folk & Pop Sounds From Iraq
On Sublime Frequencies

Bush should be listening...and so should we!

Monday, 5 March 2007

Saturday, 3 March 2007

A sentence is not only a flow of words and ponctuation... It also has space... emptyness...

Like everything indeed.

Friday, 2 March 2007

il faudrait juste écrire son souffle sans volonté d'effet, sans vouloir paraître
car la vérité se voit alors et la beauté émane

souplesse légereté de l'être

Je suis dans la branche de l'art abstrait par les mots qui m'échappent et se lient par millier d'étincelles
la vérité la rivière qui coule et n' arrete d'éveiller les yeux par ses jeux de jets lumineux qui pétillent dans mes yeux ouverts
je suis sur l'ouvert avec un bon embrasse moi, je rentre au salut .

Je danse la musique de l'air et de l'eau de la flûte
Pan m'épargne les regard des passants jaloux qui se grattent les côtes et
Je danse ses bras ses jambes et sa taille qui roucoule comme un boeuf