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After watching the 1969 film 'Burn!' also known as 'Queimada', I stumbled across the following:

'The film's original title was Quemada (the spanish word for "burnt"), as the action took place in a Spanish colony. When the Spanish government officially complained and threatened a boycott of the film (objecting to the script's supposedly anti-Spanish bias), Gillo Pontecorvo agreed to alter the setting to a Portuguese island and the release title became Queimada ("burnt" in Portuguese).'

Well fuck me! Those shifty dodgy Spaniards know their game.
It's because of episodes like this that all Portuguese are known for is burning and ravaging the 'new world' while the gentle Spaniards were tip topping through the tulips... Ha, the vicissitudes of History!
Let the poor fuckers take the blame. Don't they speak Spanish in Portugal anyway?

The 'Battle of Aljubarrota' should have been filmed so we could broacast it over the Peninsula sky every night of the week.

Good film though...

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

je suis en cours d'onformatique

et on fout quedal, alors je m'étais dis que je laisserais bien un petit message pour passer le temps, histoire de

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Simpsons Manga Stylee

It seems all I do is post pictures now...Gotta find something to write about at some point...


The Holy Ass (Le cul c'est sacré)


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the spirit of the ones that have fallen

Well.. this must be my nth blog (blog?) that begins with "well"

So, you bastards, how are you all doing? I am once again struggling with the intricacies of drunken typing, the letters swirling to form the square of the hypotenurofen tomorrow I think. Follow at your peril.

Drunk and disorderly is not the way forward - ask any decent Englishman in prison. Australians. Irish.

I will go to rest my weary head. I have no dog, and the weight of the world rests snugly on my shoulders. Slime-sucking claustrophobes, all of y'all. Tomorrow is another ripe oyster.

God I need a job.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Space is the place

This place is been adorning my computer screen every morning for a quite a while now. Thought I should share it…

pace mama


Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Guilty Pleasures #1

Another weekly delight...In this space, every week or so, we shall celebrate mediocrity, tackiness and tastelessness in all its glory.
Watch this space…
This week:

The Shaggs

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Perfect Companions #1

Something I've been enjoying for quite some time now...reading the book then watching the film...I see it as a kind of requirement... the problem is that most film versions of good books tend to be utter crap... we should never judge a book by its film.
On the other hand, it’s truly rewarding when the above doesn’t happen, when we read an excellent book and follow it by an equally excellent film adaptation. This happened to me quite recently and that’s why I decided to start this particular weekly/monthly/whenever-I-feel-like post. Every now and again I will post what I think is a good book and its obvious companion, the film adaptation. I won’t go into good books versus bad films (there’s way too many) or bad books versus good films (just doesn't happen).

This week's perfect companion:

Monday, 8 January 2007

une heure d'étude forcée pour quelques quarts d'heures de pause clopes et chat avec les copains européens. Je suis un des derniers encore à étudier pour le sort de ma future carrière.
Je mangerais du pains au céréales et j'y metterai pleins de confituur dessus. J'aurai une maison avec du chauffage et un jardin pour regarder le ciel et les oiseaux passer derriere les arbres
et vu que j'aurais de l'argent, j'aurai le temps de m'occuper a l'art
Je sens que tout reste à faire

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Raja Boy

Raja was a great dog...I will never forget those songs dedicated to the mighty brick...or the way he would tilt his head wondering 'what the fuck are they going on about now'. Raja was big,fast,heavy,bouncy,goood boy. He never seemed to realise the impact he could have on people...and that made him a GREAT DOG! I remember people dropping their chin in awe in front of the great Raja... they would ask who the owner was and make a point of saying what a great fucking dog...
That was Raja, pictures in the papers, warm salutations...
Raja was a living legend and will always be remembered as one.
I will miss him......

Saturday, 6 January 2007

The King

Right well.

Happy New Year's to all of y'all out there. New years are a time of renewal and departures. I got home yesterday after a couple of hours ripping it up on my board to discover my dog's body on the floor of the apartment where he lived, devoid of life. Raja had merged with the infinite during my absence.

Life, I guess, is a series of cirlces. Circles within circles within circles within cycles within blah blah you get the picture. Raja completed his circular cycle yesterday. He was my Dorian Gray (Grey?). I explain : My life has not always been easy. Things have been thrown at me (not literally, although it has happened once or twice..) since quite a while. An ordinary human being would have buckled under the pressure of all the scheisse heaped on his/her shoulders, but ordinary humans do not possess a Raja wonderdog.

Raja had developed all the symptoms of what I was supposed to have ; ulcers, grey hair, premature ageing etc. I'm almost thirty, and on a good day, I appear to be about twelve. My portrait of Dorian Gray. Now that he is no more, I am going to age drastically within the next few months. If you happen to bump into what appears to be a 2nd world war veteran muttering insanely to himself in the near future, look again closely - it may just be me.

2007 looms menacingly on the horizon. A new circle, a new cycle, and I'm going to take this one by the throat, throttle it until spit flecks its lips and extract and feed its teeth to it. My dog is in a place where there are loads of bricks that taste of pussy, steaks grow on trees and he has three hundred thousand bitch-virgins to choose from daily.

I'll never forget that little fucker.

Friday, 5 January 2007


Not even a day blogging that confusion and frustration has arrived.
It seems there are now two similar blogs: which is the operational one and which for some reason is inaccessible. The latter was the original but for some reason(or following HAL's 9000 advice) it decided to go on a life of it's own. Rejecting anyone who tries to sign in, it almost managed to discourage one of the most illustrious guests the blogosphere ever could grace: Alexandrion.

I hope this small precocious matter is now over and that ‘Pagoda Jump’ (NOT ‘Pagoda Jumps’) can now follow its course.

Long Live the Pagoda Jump.....

Death to its Evil Twin Pagoda Jumps.........

All work and no play makes Gonzo a Dull Boy

Bored at work is becoming an increasingly familiar feeling as far as I'm concerned... My first steps into the depressing world of 9 am to 6 pm are still quite recent... However, it feels like an eternity now... Such prolonged status of working hypnosis could only lead to an inevitable boredom... Boredom that could only lead to a variety of activities designed by and, for the bored: My Space, Hi5, You Tube, Second Life, and all that networking paraphernalia.

All this brings us to this: The creation of a blog. I might invite other people to join so to make all this more interesting. Reading and writing about films & music might, believe it or not, bore the shit out of me too. And again, I will be set back to square one. No, not this time. This blog might not be my salvation. Far from it, but a place where I can spit, discharge, release, sputter and set free all my mundane thoughts can only help my present state of mind. Unleashing mediocrity upon the unsuspecting public sounds like a pleasant way of spending my mind numbing working afternoons.

Long live this blog. If even for a month or so.....