Thursday, 27 December 2007

Top Shit for 2007

Another year, another lane, another turn,another list, blah blah blah, yaka yaka yaka...

Top 10 for Music in no particular order:

1."Person Pitch" by PANDA BEAR on Paw Tracks

2."Theory Of Machines" by BEN FROST on Bedroom Community

3."The Hired Hand OST" by BRUCE LANGHORNE on Blast First

4."Trees Outside The Academy" by THURSTON MOORE on Ecstatic Peace

5."Pilgrimage" by OM on Southern Lord

6."Fabric 36" by RICARDO VILLALOBOS on Fabric

7."Radiant Mirror" by FLOWER/CORSANO DUO onTextile

8."Cendre" by FENNESZ/SAKAMOTO on Touch

9."Black Sabbath E.P." by VENETIAN SNARES on Kriss

10."No Shouts No Calls" by ELECTRELANE on Too Pure

Top 10 for Films in no particular order:

1. EASTERN PROMISES by David Cronenberg

2. THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP by Michel Gondry

3. INLAND EMPIRE by David Lynch

4. THIS IS ENGLAND by Shane Meadows

5. SUSHINE by Danny Boyle

6. ZODIAC by David Fincher

7. THE FOUNTAIN by Darren Aronofsky

8. CONTROL by Anton Corbijn

9. THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM by Peter Greengrass

10. PLANET TERROR by Robert Rodriguez