Friday, 12 December 2008

Top Shit for 2008

1. Fennesz ''Black Sea'' on Touch

2. Gang Gang Dance ''St. Dymphna'' on Warp

3. The Fall ''Imperial Wax Solvent'' on Castle Music

4. Fuck Buttons ''Street Horrrsing'' on ATP

5. Flying Lotus ''Los Angeles'' on Warp

6. 2562 ''Aerial'' on Tectonic

7. Dj Rupture ''Uproot'' on The Agriculture

8. Grails ''Doomsdayer Holidays'' on Temporary Residence

9. Gavin Bryars, Philip Jeck & Alter Ego '' The Sinking of the Titanic (1969-) on Touch

10.Crystal Stilts ''Alight The Night'' on Slumblerland

Single of the year: Dj Mujava ''Township Funk''

Top 10 for Films in no particular order:

1. Diving Bell and the Butterfly

2. Hunger

3. Man On Wire

4. There Will Be Blood

5. Dark Knight

6. Tropic Thunder

7. Gommorrah

8. No Country For Old Men

9. Funny Games

10. Wall-E

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